About Us


Daniel C. Yeager, BCO, FASO, BADO, CCS

 In addition to being a father and husband, Dan has been an Ocularist for over 40 years. He is an outside the box thinker that doesn't settle for less than perfection. As the current Executive Director for the National Examining Board of Ocularist, Dan has always had some sort of involvement in furthering the field of ocularistry. Dan is a Past President and Secretary of the American Society of Ocularistry as well as a Fellow. He strives for a non-surgical approach to fitting ocular prosthetics and with his years of experience, no situation is too complicated. Dan enjoys spending time with his family, flying when ever he can, and experiencing new things with his Grandson Caleb. 


Hillary A. Yeager, BCO, BADO, CCS

Hillary has been involved in the office since she could walk. Now providing care for many of the patients she played with as a child. Following high school, she graduated from Kirkwood with an Associates degree in Applied Science Dental Assisting.  Hillary is a Board Certified Ocularist through the National Examining Board of Ocularists and a Board Approved Diplomate Ocularist. In addition to being heavily involved with The American Society of Ocularists and NEBO.   Hillary is an old soul; baking, photography, outdoor adventures, knitting, and shopping at goodwill are some of her favorite past times. She's happy to help you in any way she can.                "After all you're practically family by the time you leave our office" 


Family Business

   Yeager Ocular Prosthetics is a family owned and operated business. Mom (Jeanine) has been our insurance advocate for more than 30 years. She fights for our patients, helping them get the most out of their coverage.  As our office manager, Jeanine is our go to for all things insurance.  Have insurance questions? Jeanine's your gal. 

Our Mission


Our mission at YOP is to fit and fabricate the most realistic artificial eye with out any additional surgical interventions.  We value your time but will not sacrifice the quality to be done faster. 



We work with ALL insurance companies. With the number of plans and companies available, coverage can be confusing.  We offer a free consultation. At that time we research your insurance for coverage.

Our Technique


At YOP we we use the "Modified Impression Technique" with the Iowa Painting Shell. In our opinion this is the best way to build a CUSTOM artificial eye. With an impression we start with the curves your socket naturally has as apposed to forcing a pre made shape into your socket.